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A "Dual-Tree" Scheme for Fault-Tolerant Multicast


To protect against possible network node or link failure, pre-planned failure recovery schemes are necessary to achieve higher reliability of communications. A couple of schemes have been previously reported for multicast. In this paper, we present a scheme based on a “dual-tree” structure in which a secondary tree for fault-tolerance purpose is built as a complement to the primary multicast tree. The secondary tree provides alternative delivery paths that can be activated when link or node failure is detected in the primary multicast tree. Simulation experiments show that this scheme has shorter restoration time and cause less multicast tree cost increase after restoration than some schemes proposed previously.

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Information & Date

In Proceedings of ICC 2001, Helsinki, Finland, June. 2001


Aiguo Fei,
Junhong Cui,
Mario Gerla
Dirceu Cavendish