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Geo-LANMAR Routing: Asymptotic Analysis of a Scalable Routing Scheme with Group Motion Support


This paper presents a novel routing protocol called Geo- LANMAR. This routing scheme is able to get full advantages of group motion of mobile nodes to reduce the routing overhead and offer high network scalability. This protocol inherits same advantages of LANMAR protocol regarding the group motion support and its idea is to use the long-distance geo-forwarding for the extra-scope routing such as the Terminodes Routing and the Optimised Link-State Routing (OLSR) for the intra-scope routing. Together the geo-routing forwarding scheme, a global update propagation scheme based on the Hazy Sighted Link State Routing (HSLS) between landmark nodes (cluster heads) is applied. An asymptotic analysis of Geo-LANMAR protocol is proposed and a rule that binds the intra-scope and extra-scope overhead cost is found. The novel routing scheme has been compared with the standard routing protocols such as AODV, GPSR and LANMAR.

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Information & Date

The IEEE Second International Conference on Broadband Networks (BROADNETS 2005), Boston, USA, October. 2005


Floriano De Rango
Mario Gerla
Kelvin Biao Zhou
Salvatore Marano