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A Multi-path TCP Solution for Software-Defined Military Heterogeneous Network


Naval Battlefield Network communications rely on various wireless network technologies for data delivery between different entities such as ships and shore nodes. A critical problem in current military wireless networks is that a loss of network connectivity due to wireless link outage or entity mobility takes relatively long time to recover. In this paper, we propose an alternative solution by applying Multi-path TCP and Software-Defined Networking on military wireless network to maximize the total throughput and minimize the traffic delay and jitter for the communication between ships and shore nodes. According to the Mininet-WiFi emulation experiment results, compared to current single-path TCP communication, our proposed approach provides almost no-cost network handover, more reliable network connectivity and higher end-to-end throughput. In addition, our designed SDN centralized controller is able to balance the traffic flows dynamically to effectively eliminate link congestion and achieve higher bandwidth utilization.


Information & Date

WCNC'18, Barcelona, Spain, April. 2018


Qi Zhao
Pengyuan Du
Mario Gerla