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Technical Report


Autonomic Communications in Software-Driven Networks


Autonomic Communications aims to provide Quality-of-Service in networks by using self-management mechanisms. Autonomic Communications inherits many characteristics from Autonomic Computing, in particular when communication systems are running as one special application in a virtualized (cloud) computing environment, supported by Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) principles. This paper introduces the terms of Autonomic Computing and Communications and discusses several goals and developments on self-management mechanisms and architectures in NFV/SDN-driven networks. Special focus is also put on automatic testing, integration, and deployment of (virtual) network functions. Self-management can make use of machine learning, in particular when huge amounts of monitoring data can be collected by a network provider. Autonomic Communications in such dynamic environments also creates new challenges on the design of appropriate operation and business support systems. Moreover, autonomic systems to support security are needed. The paper gives an overview of recent research and standardization activities and discusses open challenges to be covered by future research.


Information & Date

, , June. 2017


Zhongliang Zhao
Eryk Jerzy Schiller
Eirini Kalogeiton
Torsten Braun
Stiller Burkhard
Josh Joy
Mario Gerla
Nabeel Akhtar
Ibrahim Matta