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Towards Personal Content Networking


Recent advances of technology in consumer electronics have promoted a lifestyle where people live with convenience and ease by accessing any kind of information at their finger tips. These devices also allow people to generate/share a sheer amount of personal content such as photos, videos, and doc- uments. However, personal content is now exploding, and personal content sharing/management is considered to be a challenging task particularly when users need to deal with personal content scattered over multiple devices. To mit- igate this problem, we aim at enabling seamless access of personal content without specifying its location via content centric networking (CCN) over personal content. In this paper, we design a platform called personal content net- working (PCN) that uses a single persistent, hierarchical naming space for personal content, allows users to securely initialize their devices and establish trust with other users, enables efficient content management over multiple devices (e.g., updates, removal, replication), and supports content centric access control via attribute-based encryption (ABE) for selective sharing where access control is not tied into hosts and yet fine-grained attribute based access control is permitted. We demonstrate its feasibility with prototype implementation on the basis of CCNx

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Information & Date

MobiCom Poster 2011, Las Vegas, September. 2011


Josh Joy
Youngtae Noh
Dae-Ki Cho
Uichin Lee