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LocationSafe: granular location privacy for IoT devices


Today, mobile data owners lack consent and control over the release and utilization of their location data. Third party applications continuously process and access location data without data owners granular control and without knowl- edge of how location data is being used. The proliferation of IoT devices will lead to larger scale abuses of trust. In this paper we present the first design and implementa- tion of a privacy module built into the GPSD daemon. The GPSD daemon is a low-level GPS interface that runs on GPS enabled devices. The integration of the privacy module en- sures that data owners have granular control over the release of their GPS location. We describe the design of our privacy module and then evaluate the performance of private GPS release and demonstrate that strong privacy guarantees can be built into the GPSD daemon itself with minimal to no overhead.

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Information & Date

S3@MobiCom 2016, , May. 2016


Josh Joy
Minh Le
Mario Gerla