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An SDN Architecture for Under Water Search and Surveillance


Underwater Wireless Networking (UWN) schemes and applications have been attracting considerable interest in recent wireless communication studies. The nature of water, as a carrier medium, imposes very significant constraints on the both the characteristics and information carrying capacity of underwater communication channels. Currently, acoustics and optics are the two main physical platform choices. Acoustics offers relative simplicity. Optics has a big bandwidth advantage but is much more complex to implement and manage. Combining the two technologies together allows them to synergize with each other, maximizing the advantages of each carrier. An SDN architecture, which separates the control and data planes, allows for the full advantages of using an acousto-optic combination. In this setup, the longer-ranged acoustic channel serves as the control plane, allowing the controller to issue mobility and network related commands to AUVs far away, and the shorter ranged but much faster optical channel serves as the data plane, allowing for fast transfer of data. This paper presents such a system using JANUS, the NATO defined standard now considered for adoption among NATO members, for the control channel.

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WONS'17, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, February. 2017


Ruolin Fan
Ciaran Mc Goldrick
Mario Gerla