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Sender-Side TCP Modifications: An Analytical Study


This paper consider a number of modications that can be applied to the congestion control algorithm of a TCP sender without requiring the cooperation either of the network or of the receiver, analyzing their impact on the performance of the protocol. We use a theoretical approach based on the use of queueing networks for the description of the protocol dynamics and a xed point approximation to derive the working point of the IP network. Our results show that in presence of short lived connections the impact of the transient behavior of TCP on the network performance is dominant, and major performance improvements can be obtained only if the transient behavior is improved.

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Information & Date

Special Issue of Kluwer Cluster Computing Journal on Networking 2002, Proc. 2nd International IFIP-TC6 Networking Confer, Pisa, Italy, May. 2002


R. Lo Cigno
Gregorio Procissi
Mario Gerla