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Congestion-Aware Edge Caching for Adaptive Video Streaming in Information-Centric Networks


This paper proposes a network-aware resource management scheme that improves the quality of experience (QoE) for adaptive video streaming in CDNs and Information-Centric Networks (ICN) in general, and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) in particular. By utilizing the DASH manifest, the network (by way of a logically centralized controller) computes the available link resources and schedules the chunk dissemination to edge caches ahead of the end-user's requests. Out approach is optimized for multi-rate DASH videos. We implemented our resource management scheme, and demonstrated that in the scenario when network conditions evolve quickly, our approach can maintain smooth high quality playback. We show on actual video server data and in our own simulation environment that a significant reduction in peak bandwidth of 20% can be achieved using our approach.

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Information & Date

CCNC'15, Las Vegas, NV, January. 2015


Yu-Ting Yu
Francesco Bronzino
Ruolin Fan
Cedric Westphal
Mario Gerla