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Scalable VANET Content Routing Using Hierarchical Bloom Filters


In this paper, we discuss scalable content-oriented routing that enables storing, sharing and searching data totally within the urban VANET. We introduce a scalable proactive content discovery scheme, Hierarchical Bloom-Filter Routing (HBFR), to tackle mobility, large population and rich content challenges of VANETs. Our simulation results show that HBFR achieves low latency and high content availability with relatively low overhead in practical VANET scenarios. In particular, HBFR improves the response time by up to 45% compared to the conventional CCN and reduces the traffic by up to 85% compared to timer-based intelligent content search. HBFR suits the popular private data services the best, and also achieves low response time comparable to that of flooding-based content discovery when applying to popular public data services.


Information & Date

Wireless Communications And Mobile Computing, DOI: 10.1002/wcm.2495, November. 2014


Yu-Ting Yu
Mario Gerla
M. Y. Sanadidi