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Optimal Content Placement in ICN Vehicular Networks


Information Centric Networking (ICN) is a networking framework for content distribution. The communication is based on a request/response model where the attention is centered on the content. The user sends interest messages naming the content it desires and the network chooses the best node from which delivers the content. This way for retrieving contents naturally fits a context where users continuously change their location. One of the main problems of user mobility is the intermittent connectivity that causes loss of packets. This work shows how in a Vehicle-to-Infrastructure scenario, the network can exploit the ICN architecture with content pre-distribution to maximize the probability that the user retrieves the desired content. We give an ILP formulation of the problem of optimally distributing the contents in the network nodes and discuss how the system assumptions impact the success probability. Moreover, we validate our model by means of simulations with ndnSIM.

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Information & Date

Network of the Future 2014, Paris, France, December. 2014


Federico Bruno
Matteo Cesana
Mario Gerla
Giulia Mauri
Giacomo Verticale