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The phone as wellness guardian


Smart phones are becoming more powerful and pervasive every year, supporting an increasing number of functions well beyond the original service of making phone calls while on the move. One important, emerging function is wellness - protecting the health of the owner. Phones today can be used to monitor known health condition (eg rrhythmia, diabetes. etc). They can monitor activities (ie, walking, running, eating, etc). They can also monitor our routes (eg, path taken, distance travelled, etc). All this information can be combined and correlated to come up with important wellness advisories for the owner. This talk will review the most recent advances in smart phone sensors as they relate to health and will review representative wellness applications including the UV Guardian application - protecting the owner from UV rays overexposure.

Slides: PPT file of slides

Information & Date

LANC 14, Montevideo, Uruguay, September. 2014


Mario, Gerla