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AdTorrent: Digital Billboards for Vehicular Networks


One of the most important sources of revenue for big Internet-based companies are advertisements. With vehicular networks poised to become part of the Internet, this new “edge” of the Internet represents the next frontier that advertising companies will be striving to reach. In this paper we investigate the feasibility of targeted dissemination of ad content in a car network. We present Digital Billboards, a scalable “push” model architecture for ad content delivery. We then propose, AdTorrent, an integrated system for search, ranking and content delivery in this architecture. We evaluate our design using a realistic vehicular mobility model which captures mobility characteristics such as temporal and spatial dependencies and geographic restrictions.

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Information & Date

V2VCOM 2005, San Diego, CA, July. 2005


Alok Nandan
Shirshanka Das
Kelvin Biao Zhou
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla