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ICEMAN: A System for Efficient, Robust and Secure Situational Awareness at the Network Edge


Situational awareness applications in disaster re- sponse and tactical scenarios require efficient communication without a managed infrastructure. In principle, the performance, size, weight, and power of commercial off-the-shelf mobile phones and tablets are sufficient to support such applications, provided that efficient protocols and mechanisms are put in place for the efficient and secure sharing and storage of content among such devices. ICEMAN (Information CEntric Mobile Ad-hoc Net- working) is a system that allows applications to request content objects by their attributes, and integrates its API with utility- based dissemination, caching, and network-coding mechanisms to deliver content. ICEMAN is implemented based on the Haggle architecture running in the Android operating system, and supports distributed situational-awareness applications operating in networks subject to severe disruption. Its functionality is described, and performance results of the ICEMAN implementa- tion running in mobile phones and the CORE/EMANE network emulation are presented for several test scenarios

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Information & Date

Milcom 2013, San Diego, CA, November. 2013


Samuel Wood
James Mathewson
Josh Joy
Mark-Oliver Stehr
Minyoung Kim
Ashish Gehani
Mario Gerla
Hamid Sadjadpour
J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves