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Information-Centric Delay-Tolerant Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks


Information-centric networks have recently been drawing increasing attention in academia as well as in industry. Information and content retrieval is a critical service for mobile ad-hoc networks. It relies on other resources and tools, such as internal storage, content searching and sharing, delay-tolerant delivery, etc. Previous studies have shown that social networking can assist delay-tolerant routing design in many respects. In this paper, we specifically address content retrieval in delay-tolerant mobile ad-hoc networks. We propose a social-tie based content retrieval scheme to support the delay-tolerant MANET. The social hierarchy is structured using balanced connectivity criteria and a K-mean clustering algorithm. The proposed scheme has been evaluated and validated on a real social network dataset.

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Information & Date

INFOCOM 2014, Workshop on Name Oriented Mobility, Toronto, Canada, April. 2014


You Lu
Xiao Li
Yu-Ting Yu
Mario Gerla