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WARP: A ICN architecture for social data


Social network companies maintain complete visibility and ownership of the data they store. However users should be able to maintain full control over their own content. For this purpose, we propose WARP, an architecture based upon Information-Centric Networking (ICN) designs, which expands the scope of the ICN architecture beyond media distribution, to provide data control in social networks. The benefit of our solution lies in the lightweight nature of the protocol and in its layered design. With WARP, data distribution and access policies are enforced on the user side. Data can still be replicated in an ICN fashion but we introduce control channels , named thread updates,which ensures that the access to the data is always updated to the latest control policy. WARP decentralizes the social network but still offers APIs so that social network providers can build products and business models on top of WARP. Social applications run directly on the user's device and store their data on the user's butler that takes care of encryption and distribution. Moreover, users can still rely on third parties to have high- availability without renouncing their privacy.

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Information & Date

(DySon) INFOCOM '14, Toronto, April. 2014


Fabio Angius
Cedric Westphal
Mario Gerla
Giovanni Pau