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A Novel Scheduling Algorithm for Densely-Deployed Wireless Stations in Urban Areas


This paper presents a scheduling algorithm for a set of wireless stations such as road-side access points for vehicular networks and outdoor WiFi stations, which are deployed in wide urban areas and may compete with each other for limited wireless resources. Different from a number of conventional approaches most of which consider detailed information on individual stations and signal interference among them, we focus more on geography of the areas of interest, and provide a novel algorithm that pursues the best balance among (i) optimality of resource utilization, (ii) robustness to new station installation and traffic demand, and (iii) scalability to the population of stations and area size. We have confirmed the performance by experimental simulations with several scenarios, and the applicability of approach has been testified by a case study on a scheduling problem for roadside access points of vehicular networks in cooperation with a manufacturing corporation.

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Information & Date

In ACM MSWIM, , November. 2013


Hirozumi Yamaguchi
Akihito Hiromori
Teruo Higashino
Shigeki Umehara
Hirofumi Urayama
Masaya Yamada
Taka Maeno
Shigeru Kaneda
Mineo Takai