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ICAN: Information-Centric Context-Aware Ad-Hoc Network


Recently, Information-Centric Network (ICN) has been attracting much attention with its promising future as next-generation Internet architecture. While ICN is scalable and efficient in Internet, concerns are raised when deploying it in ad-hoc networks. Current ICN proposal strictly follows a receiver-driven transport design. However, many applications in multi-hop ad-hoc network are push-based and require fast communication. ICN’s pull-based transport in such case is costly. Moreover, inefficiency introduced by the default anycasting in ICN may backfire without careful design. In this paper, we introduce ICAN, an efficient, flexible, and adaptive ICN architecture supporting both pull and push transport and context-aware multi-hop/DTN communication all in one system.

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Information & Date

ICNC'14, Honolulu, Hawaii, February. 2014


Yu-Ting Yu
Chris Tandiono
Xiao Li
You Lu
M. Y. Sanadidi
Mario Gerla