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Scalable Opportunistic VANET Content Routing With Encounter Information


Recently, Information Centric Networking (ICN) has attracted much attention also for mobiles. Unlike host-based communication models, ICN promotes data names as the first-class citizen in the network. However, the current ICN name-based routing requires Interests be routed by name to the nearest replica, implying the Interests are flooded in VANET. This introduces large overhead and consequently degrades wireless network performance. In order to maintain the efficiency of ICN implementation in VANET, we propose an opportunistic geo-inspired content based routing method. Our method utilizes the last encounter information of each node to infer the locations of content holders. With this information, the Interests can be geo-routed instead of being flooded to reduce the congestion level of the entire network. The simulation results show that our proposed method reduces the scope of flooding to less than two hops and improves retrieval rate by 1.42 times over flooding-based methods.

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Information & Date

VCA'13, Gottingen, Germany, October. 2013


Yu-Ting Yu
Yuanjie Li
Xingyu Ma
Wentao Shang
M. Y. Sanadidi
Mario Gerla