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Interest Propagation In Named Data MANETs


Named Data MANETs (NDM) is a recently emerging research area. The in-network chunk-based caching feature of NDN is beneficial in coping with the mobility and intermittent connectivity challenges in MANETs. In this paper, we conduct both simulation and emulation study of NDM forwarding designs: NDN Forwarding (NDNF), Listen-First, Broadcast-Later (LFBL), and the proposed Neighborhood-Aware Interest Forwarding (NAIF). NAIF aims for reducing the bandwidth usage induced by indiscriminate interest flooding in NDNF. It decreases the interest traffic by letting eligible relays work cooperatively, each forwards only a fraction of interest packets. The results show that NAIF achieves the best performance in multi-consumer scenarios. In particular, compared to NDNF, NAIF reduces bandwidth usage by up to 54%, shortens response time in low-mobility scenarios, and achieves high completion ratio.

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Information & Date

ICNC'13, San Diego, CA, January. 2013


Yu-Ting Yu
Raheleh B. Dilmaghani
Seraphin Calo
M. Y. Sanadidi
Mario Gerla