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Transmission Control Protocol Based on Statistic Process Control


In this paper, we study the distribution of RTT, and propose a new TCP congestion control algorithm that is based on Statistical Process Control - TCP SPC. Through simulation, measurement and theoretical analysis, we show that the RTT distribution can be approximated by a normal distribution in the case of heavy network load. Using RTT statistics, TCP SPC predicts the network load, and improves the performance of TCP. Compared with TCP Reno, TCP SPC in effect predicts the current load more accurately, distinguishes wireless channel packet loss from network congestion packet loss, overcomes the impact of wireless packet loss, and renders the adjustment of congestion window more timely and more appropriate. TCP SPC is transparent to routers and destinations, and thus is easy to deploy. We implemented TCP SPC in Qualnet as well as in Linux. The simulation and experimental results show that TCP SPC can be used in wired and wireless network with a wide range of packet loss rates, providing higher throughput as well as ensuring fairness and friendliness.

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Information & Date

In International Journal of Advancements in Computing technology, 5(5), pp.1206-1214, , March. 2013


Weifeng Zhao
Dawei Gao
Yandong An
Yantai Shu
M. Y. Sanadidi