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BRAEVE: Stable and adaptive BSM rate control over IEEE802.11p vehicular networks


In vehicle-to-vehicle communication, a message named BSM (Basic Safety Message) has a major role to inform a driver about surrounding condition. A vehicle periodically sends the BSM which includes the information of itself. Traffic load issues caused by BSMs would often be raised on heavily congested roads. Therefore, BSM congestion controls to avoid traffic congestion are challenging. This paper proposes a new BSM congestion control named BRAEVE. BRAEVE adapts its BSM generation rate according to the number of neighbor vehicles in communication range and then controls overall network traffic load. Our simulation evaluation shows that BRAEVE provides more uniform recognition of surrounding vehicles than an existing method, which brings much better safety assurance to a driver.

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Information & Date

In IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), , January. 2013


Kazumine Ogura
Jiro Katto
Mineo Takai