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Priority-Based Congestion Control Algorithm for Cross-Traffic Assistance on LTE Networks


As the availability of LTE grows, the support of LTE to vehicular safety applications has been studied in recent years. One problem that was studied is the capability of beacon delivery. Due to the limited bandwidth, it is possible that not all vehicles can be served at the same time. A rioritization scheme should be used to satisfy the needs of applications. In this paper, we proposed a priority-based congestion control algorithm for cross-traffic assistance on LTE wetworks. All UEs are prioritized based on criteria such as distance to an intersection or arrival time to an intersection. If the load of the cell reaches the limit, low priority users will be disconnected in order to serve high priority users. Simulations show that the priority scheme can serve the needs of cross-traffic assistance service.

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Information & Date

VTC 2013-Fall, Las Vegas, USA, September. 2013


Lung-Chih Tung
You Lu
Mario Gerla