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FILA, a Holistic Approach to Massive Online Gaming: Algorithm Comparison and Performance Analysis


The popularity of multiplayer online games has nowadays reached millions across the globe capturing the attention of both researchers and practitioners. Unfortunately, this kind of applications has still to deal with the limitations imposed by some unresolved issues. Interactivity, consistency, fairness, and scalability are the major requirements that need to be efficiently addressed in order to provide an appealing product to a huge number of potential customers all over the world. Answering to this demand, we propose holistic approach able to exploit the semantics of the game to satisfy the aforementioned requirements. In particular, we here compare different versions of this mechanism with the traditional local lag scheme. We provide extensive results also demonstrating how our scheme efficiently copes with elevated game traffic level.

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Information & Date

3rd ACM Annual International Workshop in Computer Game Design and Technology (GDTW 2005), Liverpool, UK, November. 2005


Stefano Ferretti
Claudio E. Palazzi
Marco Roccetti
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla