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Social Network Based Security Scheme in Mobile Information-Centric Network


With the spread of mobile Internet, users have increased opportunities to retrieve content from the content producer via the application in mobile information-centric network. For security consideration, the content data must be encrypted and the content producer must be authenticated. Content data is signed by the producer and delivered to the requester via the public-key cryptography. A Certificate Authority (CA) generally verifies the binding between public-key and the producer identity. However, CA verification is not suitable in a mobile information-centric network where connection to a CA cannot be guaranteed. In this paper, we propose a social network based security scheme to verify the public-key and producer identity binding. The proposed scheme is evaluated on an artificial social network model first and is then validated on a real social network data.

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Information & Date

Med-Hoc-Net 2013, Ajaccio, Corsica, France, June. 2013


You Lu
Zhiyang Wang
Yu-Ting Yu
Ruolin Fan
Mario Gerla