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BLOOGO: BLOOm filter based GOssip algorithm for wireless NDN


Modern ad-hoc networks focus on data rather than ob- solete end-to-end communications. This paper describes BlooGo, a gossip algorithm that disseminates messages throughout the network with a minimum number of trans- missions. Its peculiarity lies on the fact that without any knowledge of the network the receiver of a packet can de- cides autonomously whether to forward it or not. All the information that BlooGo uses to decide the utility of a transmission is enclosed in the packet as a bloom filter; this way the parties, i.e. sender and receiver, never have to communicate directly. This approach makes BlooGo state-less; lightweight; power-efficient; ideal for sensors or embedded devices that use the NDN philosophy.

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Information & Date

(NOM'12) Mobihoc'12, Hilton Head Island, June. 2012


Fabio Angius
Mario Gerla
Giovanni Pau