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Content Routing In The Vehicle Cloud


The advance of vehicle technology has brought to us the concept of Vehicle Cloud (VC). When Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communications are unavailable, have failed or are too costly, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V)communications fill the gap enabling VC services. In this paper, we discuss an important VC service, content-based routing, that allows future VC applications to store, share and search data totally within the Cloud. We review the critical issues of content discovery and forwarding in a content-based VC. Moreover, we introduce Bloom-Filter Routing (BFR), a proactive content discovery scheme for popular contents, to tackle the mobility and large content population challenges. BFR is compared to popular reactive content discovery schemes in practical VANET scenarios. The results show that proactive content discovery (i.e. BFR) suits non-sharable data, while reactive content discovery works well with popular sharable data. Consequently, we propose an adaptive hybrid approach that combines proactive and reactive strategies.

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Information & Date

In MILCOM'12, Orlando, FL, October. 2012


Yu-Ting Yu
Thomas Punihaole
Mario Gerla
M. Y. Sanadidi