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MoViT: The Mobile Network Virtualized Testbed


MoViT is a distributed software suite for the emulation of mobile wireless networks. MoViT provides researchers and developers with a virtualized environment for developing and testing mobile applications and protocols for any hardware and software platform that can be virtualized. The distributed nature of MoViT allows for the emulation of mobile networks of arbitrary size. Additionally, the network connectivity is shaped transparently such that the connectivity observed by each virtual node resembles that of a physical mobile network. In this paper we present the MoViT architecture, the models used to emulate the wireless channel, the details of our initial implementation and, finally, the results of our evaluation regarding the scalability, realism, and versatility of MoViT.

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Information & Date

In ACM VANET, , June. 2012


Eugenio Giordano
Lara Codeca
Brian Geffon
Giulio Grassi
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla