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Ultraviolet Guardian - Real Time Ultraviolet Monitoring


Geographic location, environmental properties, and altitude are factors that contribute to the increase or decrease of the pedestrians ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Over-exposure can cause severe skin damage, possibly leading to skin cancer. This work proposes an algorithm for estimating the pedestrians UVA and UVB exposure along a path in an urban environment before stepping outdoors. The algorithm is incorporated into our UV Guardian (UVG) system. For all pedestrian path walk experiments conducted, results show that the proposed algorithm estimates the pedestrians UVB exposure with 94% accuracy. For UVA exposure estimation, the accuracy is 71%.

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Information & Date

MobileHealth Workshop (Mobihoc 2012), Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA, June. 2012


Jerrid Matthews
Farnoosh Javadi
Gauresh Rane
Jason Zheng
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla