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'Cognitive Multicast (CoCast) in Vehicular Networks Using OFDM Subchannels and Network Coding


The deployment of wireless tactical networks in dense urban areas is challenging due to the interference from residential users. A recently developed cognitive radio techniques can be applied to avoid such interference, with nodes sensing the spectrum and avoiding channels that are more occupied than others. CoCast is the first realization of a multi-channel multicast protocol that uses a cognitive mechanism in such an environment, yet it has been developed under the assumption that channels are orthogonal. In fact, it was shown that partially overlapped channels, as in the 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi channel environment, are not considered harmful, thus can be used to afford more parallel communication. In this paper, we extend CoCast to work in an environment where channels may overlap in frequency. The chal- lenge here is that the existence of adjacent channel interference, the effect of which we mitigate by employing two techniques: 1) parallel frame transmission over OFDM subchannels, and 2) network coding. Our evaluation shows that the reliability of multicast communication can be significantly improved with this extension.


Information & Date

ICNC'12, Hawaii, January. 2012


Wooseong Kim
Brian Choi
Soon Young Oh
Mario Gerla