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Cognitive radio implementation in ISM bands with Microsoft SORA


Cognitive radio network research has mostly focused on licensed spectrum sensing and uses empty spectrum while protecting licensed band primary users. However, the wide deployment of WiFi access points in unlicensed bands in urban areas brings difficult challenges regarding co-existence of ad hoc mobile users with residential access points. In this paper, we propose a new protocol for dynamic channel selection via channel workload estimation. A mobile node senses channel usage on unlicensed ISM band and selects the best capacity channel for own packet transmission. The new protocol is implemented on Microsoft’s SORA that is a software defined radio system enabling faster prototyping of the protocol. We have evaluate performance using a SORA testbed on campus. Experimental results show the feasibility of our approach in avoiding external interference.


Information & Date

PIMRC'11, Orlando, MI, September. 2011


Jitin Bajaj
Wooseong Kim
Soon Young Oh
Mario Gerla