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Washington Square: Constructing A Building Energy Management System using Smart Submeters


This paper presents Washington Square, a pilot site for a building energy management system (BEMS). Washington Square consists of three tiers: First, a smart device, attached to an object in an office environment, measures physical information such as power consumption and temperature. It is equipped with control functionality - e.g., dimming or turning off LEDs - as well as with a communication module. Next, a gateway solution, Energle, collects sensed data from smart devices, stores it as an XML format, and provides a web service to external users via standardized interfaces. Last, an application software obtains energy-related data from Energle and provides user-friendly graphical interfaces to illustrate real-time power consumption as well as the usage history. It also allows user commands that control individual smart devices.


Information & Date

ACM MobiCom, Las Vegas, NV, September. 2011


Eun-Kyu Lee
Jae Kyu Lee
Jun Cheol Bae
Sang Cheol Choi
Jung In Choi