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CORNER: a step towards realistic simulations for VANET


Advances in portable technologies and emergence of new applica- tions stimulate interest in urban vehicular communications in many sectors military, home defense, civilian protection and also com- mercial data dissemination. For example, vehicular safety and en- tertainment applications are now becoming mature for the market. Car manufacturers see this as an opportunity to increase their profits and market share. Regardless the vehicular application tactical or commercial, simulation is essential to evaluate the performance of protocols and applications in large urban vehicular networks. This paper addresses the long overdue issue of an high fidelity urban propagation model suitable for large scale simulations. CORNER - a low computational cost yet accurate urban propagation model is proposed and is validated through on-the-road experiments. Fi- nally, the impact of CORNER on representative application is eval- uated via simulation.

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Information & Date

ACM VANET, , September. 2010


Eugenio Giordano
Raphael Frank
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla