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Resource Allocation and Admission Control Styles in QoS DiffServ Networks


In this paper we propose a DiffServ architecture for the support of real time traffic (e.g., video) with QoS constraints (e.g., bandwidth and delay) over an IP domain. The main goal of the paper is to identify solutions which provide QoS guarantees without requiring per flow processing in the core routers (as is commonly done in IntServ solutions) and which are thus scalable. We propose, and evaluate through simulation, different approaches for call admission control (CAC) and resource allocation. These approaches are all consistent with the Diff-Serv model, but place different processing and signaling loads on edge and core routers. Paths are computed by means of a QoS routing algorithm, Q-OSPF, and MPLS is used to handle explicit routing and class separation.

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Information & Date

In Proceedings of QoS-IP 2001, Rome, Italy, July. 2001


M. Gerla
C. Casetti
S.S. Lee
G. Reali