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Urban-X: A Self-Organizing Cognitive Wireless Mesh Network for Dense City Environments


Abstract. The practical deployment ofWirelessMesh Networks (WMNs) using unlicensed ISM band within dense urban scenarios is di±cult due to the increasing number of wireless devices operating in those licensed exempt frequencies. For this reason, current research on WMN is di- rected towards novel and more °exible network paradigms which would allow the WMN to dynamically adapt to the environmental interference conditions. Here, we propose Urban-X, which is a novel cross-layer archi- tecture for self-organizing WMNs over urban scenarios. Urban-X com- bines elements from classical Multi-Radio Multi-Channel (MC-MR) tech- nology with novel Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) mechanisms. The self-organizing behavior is achieved through a novel distributed channel assignment scheme, an adaptive multi-path routing scheme and a °exible layer 2.5 channel and path scheduler algorithm. Based on the current in- terference on each channel, Urban-X performs channel allocation among the nodes of theWMN, updates the available paths towards the gateways and distributes the internal tra±c among the paths/channels in order to maximize the network throughput while minimizing interference to the external networks. Simulation results demonstrate the e®ectiveness of our cross-layer approach in terms of increased throughput compared to traditional routing schemes for WMNs, and its adaptiveness to the vari- ation in channel conditions and external user tra±c.


Information & Date

WWIC'11, Barcelona, Spain, June. 2011


Wooseong Kim
Andreas Kassler
Marco Di Felice
Mario Gerla
Luciano Bononi