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Secured Bilateral Rendezvous using Self Interference Cancellation in Wireless Networks


Secure transmission among mobile nodes in hostile environments has often been achieved by trading off security with communication latency. However, in time critical applications (e.g., tactical wireless networks, civilian law enforcement operations, homeland security missions, etc.), latency is more critical than any other parameters. Long latency is generally attributed to the time required by authentication in the presence of eavesdroppers and jammers. To address the latency issue, this paper proposes a Secured Bilateral Rendezvous (SBR) protocol that reduces the communication latency while guaranteeing protection. SBR performs neighbor detection before authentication. During detection, nodes exchange a common secret key in plaintext that helps speed up the authentication process. The plaintext message is protected against jammers by allowing nodes to transmit simultaneously and to recover the partner’s packets using self interference cancellation technique. Simulation results show that the proposed SBR protocol can effectively withstand various jamming attacks.

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Information & Date

In IEEE Med-Hoc-Net, Sicily, Italy, June. 2011


Eun-Kyu Lee
Mario Gerla