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An Integrated Multi-layer Approach for Seamless Soft Handoff in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


The handoff problem in ad hoc networks needs to be treated through an integrated multi-layer approach, due to its major differences with respect to the counterpart in infrastructure-based networks. In this paper, an integrated framework through the cross layer approach is presented to deal with the handoff problem in heterogeneous wireless networks with multiple interfaces. Further, extensive study has been conducted to evaluate our proposed handoff solution through simulation, emulation with real wireless hardware in the loop, and hardware tests using commercial-off-the-shelf Android phones and GSM base station systems. It has been shown through our study that transparent user application can be achieved using our handoff approach with low latency, minimum packet losses and only necessary control overhead.

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Information & Date

Journal of Communications Special Issue on Seamless Mobility in Wireless Networks, , January. 2011


Hui Zeng
Jason H. Li
Subir Das
Anthony McAuley
John Lee
Thomas Stuhrmann
Mario Gerla