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TurboSync: Clock Synchronization for Shared Media Networks via Principal Component Analysis with Mis


Clock synchronization in shared media networks is particularly challenging because the operating conditions are dynamic and the resources limited. This paper presents TurboSync, an accurate and bandwidth efficient synchronization scheme. Unlike traditional solutions that synchronize pairs of nodes, TurboSync, is able to synchronize entire node clusters. TurboSync relies on principal component analysis with missing data. Packets are broadcasted on the medium and their capture times at each node side are used to compute the clock conversion parameters. To have a complete and usable set of capture times for each packet, our idea is to fill out the missing packet timestamps at the transmitters’ side using an inference mechanism. TurboSync synchronizes all the clocks in the cluster at a time which leads to a coherent clock conversion system between the nodes. Our performance results show better accuracy compared to the RBS protocol.

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Information & Date

In INFOCOM, 2011, Shangai, China, , October. 2011


Ryad Ben-El-Kezadri
Giovanni Pau
Thomas Claveirole