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Situation-Aware Trust Architecture for Vehicular Networks


We present a new trust architecture — Situation-Aware Trust — to address several important trust issues in vehicular networks. SAT includes three main components: an attribute-based policy control model for highly dynamic communication environments, a proactive trust model to build trust among vehicles, and prevent the breakage of existing trust, and an email-based social network trust system to enhance trust and to allow the set up of a decentralized trust framework. To deploy SAT, we utilize identity-based cryptography to integrate entity trust, data trust, security policy enforcement, and social network trust, allocating a unique identity, and a set of attributes for each entity. We conclude by presenting research challenges and potential research directions that extend this work.

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Information & Date

In IEEE Communications Magazine, pp128-135, , November. 2010


Dijiang Huang
Xiaoyan Hong
Mario Gerla