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CapStart: A Path Capacity Adaptive TCP Slow Start for High Speed Networks


In this document, we introduce CapStart TCP, an adaptive Slow Start scheme that consistently achieves fast TCP file transfer times regardless of high speed network scenario. Once the TCP session is established, we estimate TCP session path capacity scenario, and tune the transport protocol to deliver fast transfer times. We show that our capacity estimator works well even when the session is subjected to commercial Internet cross traffic. We demonstrate significant transaction performance improvements of CapStart TCP, of as much as three times faster completion times in transcontinental high speed network experiments for various capacity scenarios.

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Information & Date

In IARIA International Journal On Advances in Internet Technology, vol 1&2, , July. 2010


Dirceu Cavendish
Kazumi Kumazoe
Masato Tsuru
Yuji Oie
Mario Gerla