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Randomized Channel Hopping Scheme for Anti-Jamming Communication


Jamming attacks have been recently studied as wireless security threats disrupting reliable RF communication in a wireless network. By emitting noise-like signals arbitrarily on the shared wireless medium, a jammer can easily disturb the network. Countermeasures such as Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum enable nodes to avoid the jamming attacks by hopping over multiple channels. However, these solutions require pre-key establishment before data transmission, which in turns introduces several constraints. In order to solve the problem, this paper proposes a novel Quorum Rendezvous Channel Hopping (QRCH) scheme. Nodes are able to hop over random channels independently, bypassing the need for pre-key establishment. Furthermore, by using a quorum system, nodes are guaranteed to meet within a bounded time to exchange pending messages. The scheme also enables nodes to transmit packets to multiple receivers simultaneously. We validate the proposed scheme via extensive simulations and present its robustness and efficiency.

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In Wireless Days Conference, Venice, Italy, October. 2010


Eun-Kyu Lee
Soon Young Oh
Mario Gerla