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Content Centric Networking in Tactical and Emergency MANETs


Reliable and secure content distribution in a disruptive environment is a critical challenge due to high mobile and lossy channels. Traditional IP networking and wireless protocols tend to perform poorly. In this paper, we propose Content Centric Networking (CCN) for emergency wireless ad hoc environments. CCN is a novel communication architecture capable to access and retrieve content by name. This new approach achieves scalability, security, and efficient network resource management in large scale disaster recovery and battlefield networks. Existing Internet CCN schemes cannot be directly applied to wireless mobile ad hoc networks due to different environments and specific limitations. Thus, we must extend the CCN architecture by introducing features and requirements especially designed for disruptive networks.We prove feasibility and performance of the new design via implementation and experimentation.

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In Wireless Days Conference, Venice, Italy, October. 2010


Soon Young Oh
Davide Lau
Mario Gerla