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Fault Tolerance in Multichannel LAN's


The purpose of this study is to define the topology and the protocols of a fault tolerant multichannel local area network. Specifically, we are considering a broadcast bus with passive taps, in which the channel as well as the stations can fail. A Channel fails when it is severed; a station may fail in many different modes. In particular, a station may get stuck on transmit (i.e., jabbering station) thus preventing other stations to use the bus. To overcome the above failure situation and to permit to identify the faulty station, we are proposing to connect the stations with several parallel buses. These channels are interconnected by bridges, which in case of failure can isolate the faulty buses from the rest of the network, and can provide connectivity among the healthy stations. In this work, we address the issue of optimal connection of stations to the buses. Distributed algorithms for failure identification and recovery are developed. Moreover, a simple analytical model has been developed showing performance degradation caused by failures.

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Information & Date

International Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications, Phoenix, Arizona, March. 1989


P. Camarda
Mario Gerla