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Adaptive Forwarding Rate Control for Network Coding In Tactical MANETs


In this paper, we propose a novel packet forwarding scheme based on network coding that is resilience to jamming attack in a wireless tactical ad hoc network. Wireless communication is prevailed, but it is fragile by jamming attack from an adversay because of the wireless shared medium. Jamming attack is easily achieved by emitting continuous radio signal and it can interfere with other radio communications within the network. Channel switching over multiple channels or route detouring have been proposed to restore communication from jamming attacks, but they require a special radio system or knowledge of the network topology. Our new scheme exploits packet redundancy of network coding. It dynamically changes the level of the redundancy adapting to local channel condition and thus injects redundant encoded packets when and where jamming attack occurs. In normal situation, it decreases forwarding rate to save resources so that our protocol efficiently manages the network resources. We provide performance evaluations of resiliency and efficiency of the new scheme via simulation study.

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Information & Date

Milcom 2010, San Jose, October. 2010


Soon Young Oh
Eun-Kyu Lee
Mario Gerla