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HONET: An Integrated Services Wavelength Division Optical Network


of the Dissertation HONET: An Integrated Services Wavelength Division Optical Network by Milan Mihailo Kovacevi'c Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science University of California, Los Angeles, 1995 Professor Mario Gerla, Chair We investigate a class of high-speed fiber-optic local and metropolitan area network architectures that can support a wide range of applications, namely: datagram (e.g., file transfer); real-time, connection oriented communications (e.g., voice and video), and; multicast/broadcast (e.g., video broadcasting and conferencing) . Successful results have been reported by using WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) in two types of optical network architectures: single-hop (i.e., direct path between each source/destination pair), and multihop (store-andforward processing at intermediate nodes along the path). It has been observed that, while neither of these schemes can adequately satisfy all requirements, yet single-hop and multihop networks have positive and negat...

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ICC 1994, New Orleans, Louisiana, May. 1994


Milan Mihailo Kovacevic
Mario Gerla