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A New Optical Signal Routing Scheme For Linear Lightwave Networks


In this paper we propose a new scheme for optical signal routing within Linear Lightwave Network (LLN) subnets. LLN is a recently proposed fiber optic network which performs only linear operations on optical signals: power combining, splitting and possibly linear optical amplification. LLN can be partitioned into several subnets where each subnet is a tree providing full broadcast among all stations connected to it. We study the synchronization problem that exists in these subnets which prevents efficient implementation of time division multiple access schemes for sharing a common broadcast medium. A solution to this problem is proposed, based on a new optical signal routing scheme, called rooted routing. The impact of rooted routing on power losses is analyzed, and an approach for minimizing power loss in LLNs with rooted routing is presented. It is shown that when link and excess losses are small, rooted routing power budget can be made close to the power budget yielded by the origin

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Transactions on Networking, , January. 1994


Kovacevic, M
Mario Gerla