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Optical tree topologies: Access control and wavelength assignment


Fiber optic tree topologies are emerging as attractive candidates for Passive Optical Network (PON) implementations, next to the more traditional star and bus topologies. In this paper, we first address the “physical” properties of the optical tree topology (like layout cost, geographical coverage, power budget and fault tolerance) and compare them to similar properties in buses and stars. Then, we discuss the access schemes which can be implemented on a tree. We discuss the introduction of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) in the PON and describe single-hop and multi-hop “virtual” topologies which can be supported. Finally, we present MONET, a Multilevel Optical Network architecture which can be efficiently implemented on a tree topology.

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Information & Date

Optical tree topologies: Access control and wavelength assignment, , March. 1994


Mario Gerla
Milan Kovačević
Joseph Bannister