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Token Based Protocols for High Speed Optical Fiber Networks


The local networkmedium is a: priir of unidirectional fiberoptic busses to which stations are connected via passive taps. For this configuration, we present several protocols which provide round-robin, bounded delay access to all stations, and are particularly suited for high-speed transmissionT. he common characteristic of the protocols is the use of the token as the synchronizing event to schedule transmission. The token may be explicit (as in U-Net) or implicit (as in Tokefiless Net). It may -be used all the time, or it may be used simply to resolve collisions (asin Buzz-Net). The protocols are shown to be cost effective at very high (bandwidth), x (length) products that are the unique charactetistic af high-speeds ingle-mode fiber networks. Furthermore,t hey are robust, to failures because of the passive interfaces and the totally distributed kontrol. The implementation oft hese protocols on fiber-optic busses is also discussed in the paper

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IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, , July. 1985


Mario Gerla
Paulo Rodrigues
C. W. Yeh