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An Opportunistic Relay Protocol for Vehicular Road-side Access with Fading Channels


In the drive-thru Internet access systems, vehicles connect to road-side access points (APs) to use IP-based services, such as web-browsing, e-mail, and file download, in addition to the customized vehicular applications. However, the mobility of vehicles and the limited coverage of APs result in the short connectivity duration and low throughput, thus leading to low availability of Internet to vehicle services. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) relay support is an attractive backup solution that can address these limitations by extending the coverage. To fully realize the benefit of V2V relay support, however, the vehicle that gives the best performance must be selected as relay, yet the dynamic wireless channel conditions and the high speed of vehicles render relay selection a challenging problem. In this paper, we evaluate several relay strategies in an analytic framework to compute the resulting overall network capacity with fading channels. We then propose and devise an efficient opportunistic relay protocol that exploits multiuser diversity and effectively copes with the dynamic channel. Through both capacity analysis and Qualnet simulations, we show that the opportunistic relay scheme significantly outperforms others.


Information & Date

In IEEE ICNP'10, Kyoto, Japan, October. 2010


Joon Yoo
Brian Choi
Mario Gerla