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TrafRoute: A Different Approach to Routing in Vehicular Networks


In the near future vehicular networks based on wireless technology will be part of our lives. Efficient and robust routing algorithms will play a key role in the success of such technology. In this paper we present TrafRoute, an efficient and robust routing scheme for vehicular networks, suitable for both Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications. TrafRoute introduces a novel approach to routing that involves landmark-based routes and forwarder self-election, exploiting the knowledge of the underlying road network. We demonstrate TrafRoute’s efficiency and robustness through simulation studies performed with accurate mobility and propagation models.

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Information & Date

IEEE Workshop on Vehicular Communications and Networking (VECON 2010), Niagara Falls, Canada, October. 2010


Raphael Frank
Eugenio Giordano
Pasquale Cataldi
Mario Gerla